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April 4, 2018


West Londo Lake Residents,


I have received your correspondence regarding the lighthouse on West Londo Lake. 

Thank you for expressing your concerns and opinions regarding this issue.  To ensure

accuracy and thoroughness on this issue, I decided to revisit the individuals that I have

received information from regarding the ownership of the island and obtain some

documented positions and findings of fact.  When I contacted the DNR Field Office in

Roscommon, who I had talked with originally in October and November, I was directed

to the DNR  office in Grayling and the office of the Forest Management Manager.  She

oversees all DNR properties north of M-55 in northern Michigan and has for the last 20

years.  As I described the situation regarding this island and its origin and creation, she

stated that as the Forest Manager she would be the person responsible for handling this

issue and that she had never heard anything regarding an island or Loon habitat on Londo

Lake.  As such neither the LLPOA nor myself were dealing with the proper people at the

DNR when we investigated this issue in 2017.  She researched the issue, after asking

questions about the location and time frame, and responded to me on Tuesday April 3. 

I discussed her response and the DNR’s position on this issue with the Township Board and

we have reached the following determination as it relates to the island.  The island has never

had any ownership.  As a manmade feature it would be classified as emergent lake

bottomlands.  Under the current law lake bottom lands are riparian.  As many of you may

know riparian property rights give the landowners abutting a lake rights to bottomlands

under the water as their property lines extend to a imaginary, lake center meander line.  In

short, the island would be the responsibility of all the lakefront property owners in the

northeast cove, the north half of St. Albans Drive and the north portion of Lakeview Drive

to be determined by an actual survey.

Therefore, Plainfield Township has no authority over any use of this island.  If there are

residents that are dissatisfied over any activities, it would be a civil matter to be dealt with

by the courts, as we have no jurisdiction.  We will take no further action on this issue based

on current findings and positions.  Enjoy your lighthouse.




Fred Lewis – Supervisor                                   

                     Plainfield Township

                     Cc:Twp Board

It has been brought to my attention that 3 known complainants have registered
complaints at the Plainfield Township Supervisor's office in regards to the placing
of the lighthouse on the island. The complaints state that #1 The Island is a DNR
mandated Loon nesting Island only. #2 The Lighthouse allows a perfect perch for the
Eagle to be able to "scope out" it's meal. #3 Multiple beer cans having been left on the
Island. #4 This encourages people to take all kinds of things out there, like dream catchers
 and boat anchors in memory of loved ones. #5 We are showing kids on the lake it's ok to
go out to the island anytime they want.

Some of these points are the complaints, some are the opinions of our Twp. Supervisor
Fred Lewis. Mr. Lewis states that his office is complaint driven and because of that he must
 insist that the lighthouse be removed by us or he will have to do it. His suggestion was to
 put it on the backside of the park, because by the waterfront would be a liability to the
township if someone got hurt by it.

I have talked this over with a couple of other people that were shall we say attacked by
Fred on this and we agree that if his office is complaint driven then we as a group of
contributing residents that also attended the dedication of our "MEMORIAL LOON
ISLAND" should let Mr. Lewis know how we feel. In answer to their complaints, in your
complaint for the island please stress the following facts:
#1. The DNR does not care if we put a lighthouse on the Island. They have been contacted
 and they do not have any say over this island. The lighthouse was placed and the
memorial rocks are part of the maintenance of the island. They are serving two purposes.
First is to memorialize our loved ones and second is to shore up the island . The complaint
 that included that someone was on the island quite often "showing the kids it's ok" has an
 answer as well. That is the person that volunteered with the other two gentleman to now
take care of the island with our new venture as no one was doing anything. There are 3
designated people to go out there to place the rocks. Had the complainants been at the
meeting when this was discussed they would know this as well. But they don't come to the
 meetings. Everyone is well aware that rocks are the only thing to be place in memory of
#2. The lighthouse provides no greater perch than the trees that have ben there for several
years which many of us have witnessed the Eagle perch in to watch the nest.
#3. There was only ever 1 beer can left, the day of the memorial and it was never opened,
evened when removed.
#4Lastly the residents of Londo Lake are all well aware and respect the nesting Loons each
 year, but it also a very well known fact that once the Loons leave the nest they do not
return to it. Any and all activity has and always will happen after the loons leave the nest.

If everyone floods Fred Lewis' office with complaints about having to remove the lighthouse
 he will have to go in our favor. Fred is the one that has stressed many times that his office
 is "COMPLAINT DRIVEN". Well 3 complaints outweigh none, so let's overwhelm him in
favor of our Lighthouse. If we sit back and do nothing then these 3 complainers will win
 this battle and we may as well ask their permission for anything we may want to do on our
 lake or they will run to Fred and he will control our lake. Let's make sure we decide what
happens on Londo Lake!!

Fred Lewis Twp. Supervisor
ph.# 989-728-2811
fax# 989-728-6491

Phone, fax, or e-mail today in favor of our Lighthouse!!!
If you know someone who contributed and did not get this letter pass the info on, not
everyone has provided their e-mail.

Last update, this page: 7/9/17
This spontaneous memorial was quite something. We are told someone counted 40 boats attended, many of which were full to capacity. Bob's family was in attendance as well. Diana Spiece was the officiant of the service. The gentleman who played the penny whistle was John McIntosh who was here visiting another lake resident for the holiday. Randy Spiece, Ken McDonald, and Ed Hodgins installed the lighthouse. Several rocks were brought out by many residents to be placed in memory of their loved ones. There have been several more brought out since as well, with plans for more to come. Ron Schuch brought the Swamp White Oak up this past Saturday and this has now been planted as well.   Thanks to Patti McDonald for writing up this information.
This page is for the unique happening of July 4th, 2017.  On the island, a 6' lighthouse was erected as a memorial to Bob Berger, and all of the lake people before him that have passed.  Besides the building of the lighthouse, memorial rocks were to be placed on the island to help with its preservation.   Patti McDonald wrote up the event for us.

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