West Londo Lake Association

Dedicated to the betterment of the West Londo Lake Area




 I hope everyone has survived this looong, cooold winter.  I’m sure we (especially in the Hale area) have broken several records.  One would be the most days and nights that were below zero.  I think our worst was  –23.  But Spring has arrived and that gives us hope for good things to come.


Our property owners association, includes all lake front and back lot owners.  We focus on common lake issues and concerns.  Our main purpose is to keep the lake a clean, safe, fun place to live, visit, vacation and enjoy both Summer and Winter activities.  We do pay dues, $20.00 for a family, $10.00 for a single person each year.  Pay them to our treasurer, Patti McDonald 2637 Lakeview Hale, Mi. 48739.  

Make your check out to WEST LONDO LAKE POA.  Please put your Lake address on your check or on a    

note with your check.  You can also pay at the May or July meeting.  (NO LATER)  Our meetings this year are: May 24th, July5th, and August 30th  at 10AM in Jim Macarthur’s garage (the white garage across from the Lake Store).  Please come and see what we are about.  Some of our projects have been: helping to preserve the island and provide a better nesting area for the Loons.  Trying to manage the muskrat population,  they can cause damage to shorelines, boat wiring and boat interiors.  We need to see what can be done to fix the hole at the boat launch.  We have planted fish and possibly this Spring again.  We also remind folks about boat safety and time of day guidelines, NO jet skies or boats without

lights after dusk.  Fourth of July weekend, we have a FANTASTIC lighted boat parade.  You can take part or just watch. We will have more information at our May 24th meeting. 


We also have a web site that shows activities happening in our area.  Visit our lake web site at http://www.westlondolake.org.  Gary Benning is our web guy.  Please contact him if you would

like to share information, sell something, or just communicate with your neighbors.  Please check it out.  You can send an email to Gary at garyb36350@yahoo.com with the following information along with what you would like to have published.  Name, Home Phone, Home Address, Cell Phone, Hale Address Email Address.

If there is a death of a family member or one of your lake neighbors, please let Patti McDonald know at the above address, or phone 989-728-6561, or email
mcdonald.patti@yahoo.com.  We will send a memorial donation designated by the family or to Saginaw General Hospital Nursing Alumni Association,


Some reminders:

1)     to keep your pets on your own property.  They should not be running loose.

2)     It is also ILLEGAL to have anyone (pets included) riding on a pontoon boat in front of the gate.

3)     If you are going to BURN anything larger than a normal bonfire, you must get a permit.   

Permits can be obtained by calling 1-866-922-BURN or going on-line at www.michigan.gov/burnpermit.





NATURAL GAS:  Currently DTE has no active plans for our area.  They have done a preliminary assessment to estimate their upfront costs.  They determined the distance to bring the current line down Curtis Road and where it would be routed to supply our area.  The 6" line on Curtis Road is adequate and no additional line sizing would be necessary.  After they calculated the distance of the line the next step was to count the residential houses that would potentially connect to the service.  They then divide the number of homes into the line distance to get a cost per home.  They have a rule of thumb that says 115 feet of supply line per home is needed to make the extension feasible.  We didn't meet the criteria because of the limited number of homes on Curtis Road which would not absorb enough cost.  Their tentative calculation showed that the price they would have to charge for natural gas would exceed what folks are now paying for propane.  However, all is not lost.  DTE is currently working with the Michigan Public Service Commission and has proposed a small usage tax across all DTE users statewide to fund rural areas like ours and make the gas extension problem more practical.  There is also support in our state legislature to see what can be done to appropriate additional public service commission funding.  It's probably a flip of the coin if government can work to solve the funding problem ?



Please keep these community dates on your Hale calendar:

q  July 5th – Independence Day Celebration

q  Jam Fest Music Festival – July 19th

q  Iosco County Fair – July 21st – July 26th

q  American Legion Car Show  – August 1st – August 3rd

q  Trucks Gone Wild – Michigan Mud Jam  -  August 20th – August 24th

q  Balloon Festival – Sept 5th thru Sept 7th

q  Winterfest – Jan 17 th – 18 th ,2015


WEED CONTROL SURVEY:  By now, you should have gotten a letter from our West Londo Lake Improvement Board.  This is for the next 5 years of lake weed treatment.  It is important that you contact Fred Lewis to let him know if you are satisfied with Savin’s services or if you might want to change companies.  Also, if you are happy with Savin but you would like them to change some things?   The new contract has to be approved and added to the 2015 tax roll by October.

We want to invite Mr. Savin to our May 24th meeting to answer any questions you may have.             



Fred Lewis Township Supervisor                                 

220 N. Washington                              or  email to:  supervisor@plainfieldtwpmi.com

Hale, Michigan  48739                             or phone:  989-728-2811



Get to know your neighbors:  Our goal is to keep the lake a safe enjoyable place.


Donna Gretka

W.L.L.P.O.A.  Secretary




We are all looking forward to another great summer.

Remember that the association is the place for members to discuss common lake issues and concerns.  Past topics have included:

q      weed control issues

q      island preservation

q      stocking the lake with fish

q      discussed options for goose control

q      manage the muskrat population

q      remind folks about boat safety

q      schedule common events like the boat parade

q      suggest some "time of day" guidelines for both recreation boaters and fisherman

q      create awareness of the loon habitat


If you have not already paid your 2013 association dues please pay them now.  Dues are $10 for a single person or $20 for a family and need to be paid by July 1st at the latest.  
Make your check out to WEST LONDO LAKE POA. Please put your Lake Address on
your check or on a note with the check. 

Mail to Barbara Scheans, 8815 Saint Aubin Dr., Hale, MI 48739-9254

The meeting schedule for 2013 is as follows:

    May 25th

    June 29th

    August 31st

All meetings will be held at 10 AM in Jim's garage across from the Londo Lake Store.

The boat parade date and time will be discussed at the June 29th  meeting.  The Lighted Boat Show will be July 4th at 10:00PM


Please remember to visit our lake web site at http://www.westlondolake.org.
The web site is a great way to communicate with your neighbors.  However, to do that, your information needs to be available.

Send an email to Gary Benning at garyb36350@yahoo.com with the following information along with what you would like to have published.

Name, Home Phone, Home Address, Cell Phone, Hale Address, Email address

If there is a death of a family member or one of your neighbors, please let Barb Scheans know at the above address, or phone 989-728-5209, or email
abscheans@centurytel.net.  We will send a memorial to Saginaw General Hospital Nursing Alumni Association.


WEED CONTROL: The weeds will be treated again this year by Savin Lake Services.  Each property owner has been mailed the 2013 Lake Treatment Notice which explains the treatment schedule, notice postings and an explanation of herbicides and algaecides that will be used.


ISLAND:  Over the years the island has deteriorated.  Your association neighbors have tried various remedies in an attempt to preserve the island. Logs have been anchored, willow trees have been planted and areas have been filled with rocks.  It still remains a favorite nesting ground for the loons, however the continued lack of cover has exposed the baby chicks to the eagles.  If the chicks make it through hatching they cannot dive for several weeks so they still become a prime target for the eagles.  If they survive, they still have to avoid boaters and jet skiers.  Most recently, the association has tried to provide more nesting protection and higher grasses for shelter, however more needs to be done.  Please bring a pencil or pen to the next lake meeting on June 29th we need to have a discussion and consensus vote if we are going to continue with the island preservation and/or improving the loon habitat. 


The toilet across from the township park has been removed and the structure will not be replaced.  The township is expecting to replace the toilet with a port-a-john.  Lake association volunteers will continue to maintain the park grounds. 


DTE has stated that the shortest possible timeframe for natural gas service to reach Londo Lake would be mid to late 2014.  The Londo Lake assessment by DTE could not start before the fall of 2013. 

If you are going to BURN anything you must get a permit. Permits can be
obtained by calling 1-866-922-BURN or going on-line at


Remember to keep your pets on your own property. They should not be
running loose.


REMEMBER--it is ILLEGAL to have anyone (pets included) riding on a
pontoon in Front of the gate. 


Please keep these community dates on your Hale calendar:

q      July 6th

o       Mud Bogs at noon

o       Parade 5:00 PM

o       Craft show and Fireworks at dusk

q      Iosco County Fair – July 29th thru Aug 4th

q      Trucks Gone Wild – Michigan Mud Jam  -   All day August 23rd and 24th

q      Balloon Festival – Sept 21st and 22nd

q      Winterfest – Jan 17 th – 19 th ,2014


Other dates of community interest :

q      Offshore powerboat racing on Tawas Bay June 13th – 16th

q      Summerfest kicks off in Tawas with vintage and classic car show on July 12th – 14th

q      66th AuSable River Canoe Marathon July 27th – 28th

q      4th annual Uncork’d and Untap’d Wine and Food Festival in East Tawas on Aug 3rd

q      12th annual East Tawas Blues by the Bay Aug 23rd – 25th

q      East Tawas will host the sixth annual Sports Triathlon on Sept 7th


Barb Scheans is resigning as the Lake Association Treasurer and is looking for someone to assume her responsibilities.  Please contact Barb if you are interested.


Your Board of Directors

Please click on the tabs to the left for additional content.  Any suggestions, photos (jpeg only), articles you would like in, etc, should be directed to Gary Benning, at garyb36350@yahoo.com.